armed forces

armed forces
the military forces of a nation (Freq. 6)

their military is the largest in the region


the military machine is the same one we faced in 1991 but now it is weaker

Derivationally related forms: ↑militaristic (for: ↑military), ↑militarize (for: ↑military), ↑militarise (for: ↑military)
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activated, ↑armed, ↑unarmed, ↑armored, ↑armoured, ↑unarmored, ↑unarmoured, ↑accoutered, ↑accoutred, ↑expeditionary, ↑operational, ↑active, ↑combat-ready, ↑fighting, ↑effective, ↑nonoperational, ↑inactive, ↑regular, ↑absence without leave, ↑unauthorized absence, ↑pullback, ↑retreat, ↑standdown, ↑stand-down, ↑disengagement, ↑fallback, ↑pullout, ↑amphibious landing, ↑gun, ↑deactivation, ↑inactivation, ↑countermarch, ↑flyover, ↑fly-by, ↑flypast, ↑sortie, ↑troop movement, ↑war game, ↑militainment, ↑demonstration, ↑national service, ↑fatigue duty, ↑fatigue, ↑air cover, ↑military censorship, ↑umbrella, ↑logistic assessment, ↑drill, ↑manual of arms, ↑manual, ↑military training, ↑basic training, ↑military drill, ↑close-order drill, ↑square-bashing, ↑military action, ↑action, ↑battle, ↑conflict, ↑fight, ↑engagement, ↑blockade, ↑encirclement, ↑defense, ↑defence, ↑defensive measure, ↑electronic warfare, ↑EW, ↑operation, ↑military operation, ↑combined operation, ↑police action, ↑resistance, ↑maneuver, ↑manoeuvre, ↑simulated military operation, ↑combat, ↑armed combat, ↑campaign, ↑military campaign, ↑expedition, ↑military expedition, ↑hostile expedition, ↑mission, ↑military mission, ↑sally, ↑support, ↑reinforcement, ↑reenforcement, ↑attack, ↑onslaught, ↑onset, ↑onrush, ↑war, ↑warfare, ↑assault, ↑blitz, ↑blitzkrieg, ↑infiltration, ↑peacekeeping, ↑peacekeeping mission, ↑peacekeeping operation, ↑amphibious operation, ↑psychological operation, ↑psyop, ↑muster call, ↑military ceremony, ↑siege, ↑besieging, ↑beleaguering, ↑military blockade, ↑nuclear deterrence, ↑countermine, ↑occupation, ↑military control, ↑conscription, ↑muster, ↑draft, ↑selective service, ↑court-martial, ↑logistic support, ↑logistic assistance, ↑inter-service support, ↑air base, ↑air station, ↑armament, ↑armored car, ↑armoured car, ↑armored personnel carrier, ↑armoured personnel carrier, ↑APC, ↑arsenal, ↑armory, ↑armoury, ↑assault rifle, ↑assault gun, ↑attack submarine, ↑B-52, ↑barrack, ↑base, ↑base of operations, ↑battle dress, ↑billet, ↑bomber, ↑boot camp, ↑caisson, ↑camp, ↑encampment, ↑cantonment, ↑bivouac, ↑command post, ↑general headquarters, ↑GHQ, ↑commissary, ↑dressing station, ↑aid station, ↑dress uniform, ↑emplacement, ↑fatigues, ↑field hospital, ↑fighter, ↑fighter aircraft, ↑attack aircraft, ↑fire control radar, ↑fire control system, ↑full-dress uniform, ↑garrison, ↑fort, ↑gas shell, ↑guardhouse, ↑gun room, ↑half track, ↑hardware, ↑headquarters, ↑HQ, ↑military headquarters, ↑hospital train, ↑hut, ↑army hut, ↑field hut, ↑hutment, ↑latrine, ↑materiel, ↑equipage, ↑mess, ↑mess hall, ↑military hospital, ↑military installation, ↑military post, ↑post, ↑military quarters, ↑military uniform, ↑military vehicle, ↑minute gun, ↑naval installation, ↑shore station, ↑navy yard, ↑naval shipyard, ↑olive drab, ↑olive-drab uniform, ↑outpost, ↑personnel carrier, ↑picket, ↑platform, ↑weapons platform, ↑quartering, ↑reconnaissance plane, ↑reconnaissance vehicle, ↑scout car, ↑redoubt, ↑regimentals, ↑rocket base, ↑silo, ↑smoke screen, ↑smokescreen, ↑sniper rifle, ↑precision rifle, ↑tank, ↑army tank, ↑armored combat vehicle, ↑armoured combat vehicle, ↑transport ship, ↑troop carrier, ↑troop transport, ↑wardroom, ↑warplane, ↑military plane, ↑warship, ↑war vessel, ↑combat ship, ↑weapon of mass destruction, ↑WMD, ↑W.M.D., ↑weapons carrier, ↑sea power, ↑attention, ↑military capability, ↑military strength, ↑strength, ↑military posture, ↑posture, ↑firepower, ↑generalship, ↑military science, ↑tactics, ↑strategy, ↑commission, ↑military commission, ↑muster roll, ↑salute, ↑military greeting, ↑military intelligence, ↑pass, ↑liberty chit, ↑taps, ↑lights-out, ↑reveille, ↑wake-up signal, ↑drumbeat, ↑tattoo, ↑insignia of rank, ↑order, ↑call up, ↑briefing, ↑strategic warning, ↑tactical warning, ↑warning of attack, ↑warning of war, ↑chevron, ↑stripe, ↑stripes, ↑grade insignia, ↑damage, ↑equipment casualty, ↑battle damage, ↑combat casualty, ↑operational damage, ↑operational casualty, ↑casualty, ↑wound, ↑injury, ↑combat injury, ↑personnel casualty, ↑loss, ↑collateral damage, ↑trip wire, ↑Joint Chiefs of Staff, ↑Joint Chiefs, ↑command, ↑task force, ↑army unit, ↑army, ↑regular army, ↑ground forces, ↑naval unit, ↑navy, ↑naval forces, ↑coastguard, ↑Marines, ↑air unit, ↑air force, ↑airforce, ↑armor, ↑armour, ↑military service, ↑armed service, ↑service, ↑military unit, ↑military force, ↑military group, ↑force, ↑military reserve, ↑reserve, ↑Pentagon, ↑military police, ↑MP, ↑shore patrol, ↑company, ↑platoon, ↑rearguard, ↑wing, ↑echelon, ↑phalanx, ↑military academy, ↑naval academy, ↑air force academy, ↑drumhead court-martial, ↑military court, ↑provost court, ↑Defense Intelligence Agency, ↑DIA, ↑artillery, ↑artillery unit, ↑musketry, ↑battery, ↑cavalry, ↑horse cavalry, ↑mechanized cavalry, ↑infantry, ↑foot, ↑paratroops, ↑militia, ↑reserves, ↑home guard, ↑territorial, ↑territorial reserve, ↑National Guard, ↑home reserve, ↑standing army, ↑United States Army, ↑US Army, ↑U. S. Army, ↑Army, ↑USA, ↑United States Army Rangers, ↑United States Military Academy, ↑US Military Academy, ↑Army Intelligence, ↑AI, ↑Army National Guard, ↑ARNG, ↑military personnel, ↑soldiery, ↑troops, ↑friendly, ↑hostile, ↑horse, ↑rank and file, ↑rank, ↑commando, ↑contingent, ↑detail, ↑general staff, ↑headquarters staff, ↑high command, ↑supreme headquarters, ↑spearhead, ↑firing squad, ↑firing party, ↑military formation, ↑open order, ↑close order, ↑extended order, ↑sick call, ↑sick parade, ↑column, ↑chow line, ↑aviation, ↑air power, ↑martial law, ↑military law, ↑center, ↑flank, ↑head, ↑rear, ↑minefield, ↑field, ↑field of operations, ↑theater, ↑theater of operations, ↑theatre, ↑theatre of operations, ↑line, ↑line of battle, ↑salient, ↑battle line, ↑military position, ↑position, ↑staging area, ↑sector, ↑combat zone, ↑combat area, ↑war zone, ↑drop zone, ↑dropping zone, ↑West Point, ↑ensign, ↑adjutant, ↑aide, ↑aide-de-camp, ↑air attache, ↑army attache, ↑army engineer, ↑military engineer, ↑army officer, ↑bandsman, ↑brass hat, ↑cadet, ↑plebe, ↑captain, ↑skipper, ↑chief of staff, ↑chief petty officer, ↑colonel, ↑color bearer, ↑standard-bearer, ↑combat pilot, ↑commander, ↑commanding officer, ↑commandant, ↑ranger, ↑commissioned officer, ↑commissioned military officer, ↑commissioned naval officer, ↑commodore, ↑defense contractor, ↑deserter, ↑defector, ↑desk officer, ↑draftee, ↑conscript, ↑inductee, ↑drill master, ↑drill instructor, ↑enemy, ↑foe, ↑foeman, ↑opposition, ↑executive officer, ↑field marshal, ↑field-grade officer, ↑field officer, ↑FO, ↑fighter pilot, ↑flag officer, ↑flanker, ↑general, ↑full general, ↑general officer, ↑inspector general, ↑judge advocate, ↑judge advocate general, ↑lieutenant, ↑lieutenant colonel, ↑light colonel, ↑lieutenant commander, ↑lieutenant general, ↑lieutenant junior grade, ↑lieutenant JG, ↑major, ↑major-general, ↑Marine, ↑devil dog, ↑leatherneck, ↑shipboard soldier, ↑marine engineer, ↑naval engineer, ↑marshal, ↑marshall, ↑midshipman, ↑military adviser, ↑military advisor, ↑military chaplain, ↑padre, ↑Holy Joe, ↑sky pilot, ↑military leader, ↑military officer, ↑officer, ↑military policeman, ↑naval attache, ↑naval commander, ↑naval officer, ↑Navy SEAL, ↑SEAL, ↑noncommissioned officer, ↑noncom, ↑enlisted officer, ↑occupier, ↑peacekeeper, ↑provost marshal, ↑reservist, ↑sapper, ↑Section Eight, ↑serviceman, ↑military man, ↑man, ↑slacker, ↑shirker, ↑sprog, ↑spy, ↑undercover agent, ↑staff officer, ↑striker, ↑subaltern, ↑volunteer, ↑military volunteer, ↑voluntary, ↑warrant officer, ↑weekend warrior, ↑foreign aid, ↑issue, ↑military issue, ↑government issue, ↑readiness, ↑preparedness, ↑preparation, ↑military rank, ↑military rating, ↑paygrade, ↑rating, ↑flag rank, ↑spit and polish, ↑compassionate leave, ↑field day, ↑break, ↑detach, ↑quarter, ↑canton
Hypernyms: ↑force, ↑personnel
Hyponyms: ↑military reserve, ↑reserve
Member Meronyms: ↑cadre, ↑medical officer, ↑medic

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noun [plural]
: the military organizations (such as the army, navy, and air force) of a country

He has had a long career in the armed forces.

Will the new defense policy weaken the armed forces?

The armed forces oppose the policy. [=military leaders oppose it]

called also armed services

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the ˌarmed ˈforces (BrE also the ˌarmed ˈservices) noun plural
a country's army, navy and ↑air force
the armed forces [armed forces the armed forces]
The British armed forces, sometimes called the services, consist of the Army, the Royal Navy (RN), and the Royal Air Force (RAF). The Queen is Commander-in-Chief of all three services, but responsibility for their management lies with the Ministry of Defence (MOD), which is headed by the Secretary of State for Defence. The Army is the largest of the three services and the Royal Navy the smallest. The Navy is the service with the longest history and is sometimes known as the senior service. The regular forces are supported when necessary by the regular reserves, who are former members of the regular forces and volunteer reserves, people who train in their free time with the Territorial Army, the Reserve Air Forces, or the Royal Navy Reserve. In 1998 the government’s Strategic Defence Review set out a plan of modernization of the armed forces and established a Joint Rapid Reaction Force which includes all three services.
In the US the President is Commander-in Chief of the armed forces and the Secretary of Defense is responsible for their management. The Joint Chiefs of Staff are the military leaders of the four services, the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps, which are supported when necessary by the reserve forces, the US Army Reserve, the National Guard and the Navy Reserve. The Army is the service with the longest history. Four of its leaders became President: George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Ulysses S Grant and Dwight Eisenhower.

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